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Trinity School's annual hackathon

Come spend March 8th coding with us!

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Our Team

About HackTrin

HackTrin VII is the seventh iteration of Trinity School’s annual hackathon. Middle and high schoolers, of any experience level, can participate. You can form teams of 1-4 students, even across different schools, and work to make projects relating to coding. We'll have workshops and mentors to help you with your projects and learn! We will announce the secret theme two weeks before HackTrin, after which you can start planning (but not coding or building). Coding and building starts March 8th. You’ll present your projects to our panels of judges to win prizes in multiple categories (including a beginner category)!

Trinity Team

Mia Schiff '20
Head of Outreach

Cleo De Rocco '20

Leah Teichholtz '20
Head of Advertising and Social Media

Malini Kundamal '20
Head of Web Design

David Bershadsky '20
Head of Hardware

Ramsay Bader '21
Student Outreach

Frances Cohen '21
Student Outreach

Samuel Davidson '21
Student Outreach

Sanya Arora '21
Mentor & Judges Outreach

Coco Carragher '21
Mentor & Judges Outreach

Cassie Elish '21
Advertising/Social Media

Peter Madoff'21
Advertising/Social Media

Rohan Mehta '21

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